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Bidston Hill in Winter

Bidston Hill in Winter

In no particular order…

In print

  • “Lighthouses of Liverpool Bay”, by John and Diane Robinson, The History Press, 2007. Available on Amazon.
  • “Bidston Observatory: The Place and the People”, by Joyce Scoffield, 2006. Available on Amazon.
  • “Faster Than the Wind: A History of and a Guide to the Liverpool to Holyhead Telegraph”, by Frank Large, edited by David Roberts, 1998. Available on Amazon.
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  • “Wrecks of Liverpool Bay Volume 2”, by Chris Michael, 2008. Available from Liverpool Marine Press.
  • “The Liverpool Hurricane of 1839”, by Chris Michael, 2014, e-book (pdf). Available from Liverpool Marine Press.
  • “Lelia”, by Chris Michael, 2004. Available from Liverpool Marine Press.

Out of print

  • “Auld-lang-syne: recollections and rural records of Old Claughton, Birkenhead and Bidston with other reminiscences”, by Harry B. Neilson, Wilmer Bros, 1935.
  • “Bidston Hill Preserved: A Great Boon to the Populations on the Mersey”, by Edward Quaile, D. Marples & Co., Liverpool, 1894.
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  • “The Navigation of the Irish Sea”, Graham H. Hills, 1851.

In fiction

  • “The Wyrm of Kilgwry” by Brian Mitchell, 2005. Published by Countyvise. Ric and Lena’s adventures take them all over Kilgwry (an ancient name for Wirral, used by the Cornovii, a Celtic tribe) culminating on Bidston Hill. The horse carving will seem that little bit more magical from now on.
  • “The struggles and adventures of Christopher Tadpole at home and abroad”, by Albert Richard Smith, 1848. Available on-line as an e-book.
  • “The Dock Road: A seafaring tale of Old Liverpool”, J. Francis Hall, 1939.
  • “A Romance of Bidston Hill: or, Love and Fortune. A Christmas Story.” By F. A.
  • “One day I went a-walking: a ghostly tale from Bidston Hill”, by Robert Hughes, 2016.

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