Fog horns

I’d love to hear the “Foghorn reqiuem” at Souter Lighthouse tomorrow.

Did you know that foghorns owe a lot to Wirral? Modern foghorns rely on the diaphone, which was invented by Robert Hope-Jones. Robert Hope-Jones was born in Hooton, Wirral, in 1859. He was apprenticed at Laird’s shipbuilders in Birkenhead, then set himself up in business making electric organs.

More about the Foghorn Requiem.

2 thoughts on “Fog horns

  1. Brian Sinton.

    Enjoyed the article on Fog Horns and Robert Hope-jones. Pity he’s not in Flaybrick Cem.
    Another local person to be first at something. We could of spoke about him on our history walks in Flaybrick.


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